Welcome vapers to our exclusive vape shop. The rechargeable, electronic cigarette is the latest technology to hit the streets. It's not only the closest thing to a cigarette, but it also contains different levels of nicotine to suit every smoker's needs. Unlike a cigarette, you can smoke these almost anywhere because they produce water vapor. It is our goal to educate smokers about these great devices, and to get them to make the switch from smoking to vaping!

Our Products

From top of the line electronic cigarettes, to our delicious, fruity juices E-stop has it all. Our starter kits include an electronic cigarette, battery charger, and an E-liquid. Our liquids contain different levels of nicotine depending on how much a person smokes. We have an E-Juice testing center where you can try out the flavors before purchasing. We also carry glass tanks, mods, drip tips, and more. Our store has something to fit every smoker.

Why choose E-STOP? Because we take the time to specially hand pick products to give our customers the ultimate smoking experience. We love our customers and strive to make them happy and satisfied with their new devices. We offer great prices, starting as low as $27.99 for a Smok Starter Kit.  If our customers are happy, so are we!

Our Clients

  • Water Vapor

  • No Offensive Odor

  • Tobacco Alternative

  • Great Prices! Friendliest Service!


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